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Edges By Amy is a group that was gathered by a professional gambler who won a jackpot back in 2009. He decided to start his casino, but instead of brick and mortar casinos, he came up with the idea of the online gambling web site. The team consists of three professional gamblers who monitor the whole concept and makes sure everything is right. Beside the gamblers, our team has two web developers to make sure everything runs smoothly and four people who are Live Support which is available almost 24/7. They are responsible for all compliments and kind words we have received from our clients.

What do we do and what is our mission?

We provide online gambling service since 2009 and ever since we have had many satisfied customers. To be honest, we have had few people who did not like our work – we will not discuss whether they had right to say such thing. However, we want to provide the best possible gambling experience of the Internet by constant research and communication with customers. That is why we encourage you to send us an email with the problems and issues we have so we could solve the problem and make the experience even better and more realistic. We have a partnership with Microgaming, so in the upcoming months, we will have a big surprise for you. Stick around for a while, and you will see!